Nov 6, 2012

In the Locker Room

In High School or at the Gym, for men there is always that awkward Locker Room moment. The straight guys are thinking, "omg, is that queer looking at me and checking me out?" It's a common misconception that ALL gay men are checking out EVERY guy, at every moment. Well I hate to break it to you breeders but some of you ain't that great to look at. Becasue the whole time you're concerned about gay men checking you out, that gay person is saying to himself, "remember keep your eyes glued to the ground, don't look up and you wont get gay bashed today."

So to all you straight guys out there, you're not the one that has to be worried, it's the, what do you call us again? . . . Oh yeah, it's us "gay kids" that have something to worry about. It's that kid that you make fun of for liking other guys because they're so much "different" than your lesbian friends. Reality check, gay is gay, there is no in-between, you're a hypocrite and ignorant if you think there is a difference between a woman who likes other women and a man who like other men.

And you guys owe me because here is a reality check, if a gay man checks you out, you should feel pretty damn good, becasue all that means is you're wanted by both sexes, that you're a sexy mothereffer. And if it makes you feel awkward, then maybe you need to work out your issues because there might be something subconsciencely deep down going on or that you're insecure with your manhood.

And here is a little lesson for you guys too, being a gay man myself, I know for a fact that us gay men are feel just as awkward, if not more, in the locker room than you. So awkward and nervous that we make it a point not to check you out, hell most of us keep our eyes glued to the floor or stare at the lock/wall.