This page is NOT for everyone and some may find it offensive.
If you do find it offensive, here's what you do:
1.) Get the hell off my page
2.) Get off your computer and go grow some balls
This Page is not for:
1.) the Homophobic
2.) Those who are scared and/or cannot handle the Truth
3.) the Homophobic
4.) Those who get offended easily (see above)
5.) And again, the Homophobic
I'm NOT sorry if this blog has in some way offended you or led you to the realization that you're Homophobic and/or cannot handle the Truth. Because fact is, you probably needed a a big, fat Reality Check to the face, like the one you just recieved.
However, if you were offended or did not like what I had to say in the "WARNING" above, you may keep your comments and sit down with the other bitches who are waiting for me to give a fuck because I did forewarn you.
Thank You. . . . .Have a Great Day!!

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